Time Machine, Lille, France • Sat. October 17th

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I was waiting for events like this to happen…. and here we are! On Saturday October 17th we take the Delorean 20 years back into time! Late 80’ies to mid 90’ies. Landingspot: Les Halles De La Filatures in Lille, France. For more info and pre-sale see the facebook event page.

Krankenhaus Open Air x Villa Pace, Romain De Vidtspark Stadspark, Sint-Niklaas • Sat. Sept. 25th


Free daytime events rock! Krankenhaus is one of those intimate parties that bring a fresh wind into the chaos of mediocre & commercial summer festivals. In conjunction with Villa Pace festival you can come Saturday Sept. 5th to the Romain Vidtspark Stadspark in Sint-Niklaas with Kiani & His Legion, Stavroz, Gullfisk, Gilles and myself guiding the musical vibes. At night you don’t want to miss the afterparty with Kong, Jensen, Karawane & Kinski and Vagebond. Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

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#TPIA, Café D’Anvers, Antwerpen • Saturday August 22nd


Café D’Anvers is #TPIA (turning people into animals) since 1989. I remember when I first walked into that venue in 1993 listening to resident DJ Koenie. I would be lying if that first night in CDA in Antwerpen didn’t turn my house bugs in overdrive. I will never forget this. Many moons later, the venue is still around with still those particular dancing-molecules hanging around in the air. This month on Saturday August 22nd I’ll be housing it up in 6th gear together with Chantal and good old Smos!

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10 Years Play’house, Forty Five, Hasselt • Saturday May 2th


10 year anniversaries are always special so I’m stoked to be apart of this milestone! I’ve been playing almost on a yearly bases for the Play’house nights – run by Chicago Habit – and been enjoying them every year more and more. For this occasion they’ve invited a big guy who’s been around the block for ages: DJ Sneak. It’s probably going to be a sold out even so if you haven’t scored a ticket yet: HURRY UP already!

Last tickets here!

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