Rooted In Ghent Sat. June 5th


Ghent always used to be my second home and I’m excited because it’s the first time I’ll swing by this year at good old Decadance! David Foyh, Jensen and Nashua are supporting for the night and if you heard them before you know that you won’t be able to stand still! Rendez-vous next week Saturday June 5th in Ghent

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Next Week In Seoul


‘Hey?’ You are probably saying right now… ‘Isn’t there a Sunnyside Up party in Belgium too?’ Well, apparently there’s one in Seoul too and it has nothing to do with the Belgian version besides that I am visiting them next week Friday May 28th. I’m really excited for my 3rd visit to this city and although the political situation (cfr. the submarine issue) at the moment is far from ideal I am ready to spread some love through my music! So this next Friday at Boutique Club Function / Macaroni Market (Seoul / New Itaewon) with support deejays Fhifan / Yoo / Layy. If you are in town, I’ll see you there!

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