Colette Is Ready 4 Some ‘Stoemp’


Hey kids! This Saturday May 8th there’s another edition of SUNNYSIDE UP at Silo in Leuven (Belgium) with TiNo, Colette (US) and myself serving the eggs (read: tunes). While TiNo is celebrating his 30th birthday on this occasion Colette already informed me this via twitter: “djcolette @RaoulBelmans can’t wait! been forevaaaa since my last trip out there… I’m ready 4 some stoemp!” so it seems she’s ready for a great night at Silo after being well fed!  

Check her out singing on TiNo’s Soul Migrantz ‘Socialize’ release on Aroma Recordings (45 seconds in the clip)…

Facebook event page

New Website Has LIFT OFF!


People were asking me frequently if I didn’t have a spot online with all my news, updates, gigs, releases etc. bundled… well, after chewing on this for a second: HERE IT IS!

Expect previews/scoops/updates on upcoming releases & remixes, exclusive DJ mixes, gigs in your hood, tours or silly live reports while on the road. So make sure you subscribe to this posterous or its RSS feed and follow me on Facebook or Twitter if you aren’t already. Underneath every post you’ll see a retweet button and a Facebook ‘I Like’ button so if you like a post, you can now share this really easy with your friends! Have a wonderful week beautiful swirly people!!