Bahia Solano, Zilvermeer Mol: This Saturday!


The end of the summer is coming nearby so this means we have to take advantage a little more of the 20+ celsius temperatures and pray that it won’t rain on Saturday Aug. 28th at the Zilvermeer in Mol for Bahia Solano. My set-time is from 18h till 20h so be on time! The party starts 14h. More info on or on their Facebook Event page!

This will be the view of the location:


Forest Fest 2010 Serbia Aug. 26th


Catch me debuting in Serbia on August 26th on the Forest Fest 2010 where Gramaphonedzie‘s label Disko Zoo Records is hosting a night with Monoman (UK), TBF (RO), Gramaphonedzie (of course!) and myself billed as Swirl People for this occasion. Great initiative this open air festival which runs for 4 days (Aug. 26th-29th) and has besides music also sports, theater, film, art all around the ‘ecology’ theme located at the Sky Stanza – Aleksandar Club in Belgrade.

This Saturday: Gigs In Peer & Namur

Saturday is ‘house’ day! 

First I’m playing at the Moodstock Electronic Music Festival 2010 in Peer/Wijchmaal. I’ll be at the Casa Blanca-area between 16h30 and 18h30 right after House On Fire ressies Cheap Charly Men. More info on their website or Facebook event page


At night I’ll be dj’ing at Music Please with Freerange Recordings boss Jimpster in Namur at the Casino Club. This event is hosted by the notorious LouLou Players who are flanked with Nikola & Mindphone. My set-time is from 3h30 to 5h00.

Facebook event page