New Set: Live at 4 Years Sunnyside Up


Sunnyside Up is no more but here’s a little 1 hour snippet of my last set ever played on this party a few weeks ago. 

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The Last Sunnyside Up Pics


© Photos by Boedhaman

It’s sad but it’s over. Here a little selection of shots made at the closing party of Sunnyside Up at Silo in Leuven. More to be found on the Allnighters Facebook page. Legendary night! Thanks for the effort everybody who was there early to hear me play! Really appreciated. My set is recorded and will appear online in the next week or so.

Sunnyside Up: Make Sure You Come Early… Aaaah


Yes people, come early in order to get multiple orgasms… well, at least in the auditive way… I don’t want to know about your toilet escapades at all 😉

I am starting at 23h, yes, I know that is really early but do you really want to miss one minute of this last EVER Sunnyside Up night? Ask yourself that question. And on top of that, you get in for free before midnight… yes, you are all on my guestlist :-p

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Be on My Guestlist this Saturday: Last Sunnyside Up


This weekend it’s the end of a great house era at Silo so one more time we will celebrate Sunnyside Up. All the ressies will be present including myself with an early set and mister Kenny Hawkes will be the last guest on January 8th. Don’t miss this one… 

Wanna be on my guestlist? PM me on Twitter, Facebook or leave a little word in the comments below and give me a good reason why you want to be at the last Sunnyside Up party ever! 

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