[Tour Flashback #3] Capetown 2001


Oh my… so many fond memories of this maiden trip to South Africa 10 years ago. I was playing a big Smirnoff event at the Good Hope Centre in Capetown. While in the mainroom Derrick Carter and Deep Dish were headlining, my-swirly-self teamed up in the second room with the Inland Knights from Drop Music. Before this trip I never met these two funny guys from Nottingham so imagine how stoked I was already bumping into them right before our flight at the London Heathrow airport. We were offered to stay at this really beautiful villa (totally Miami Vice style) near the Lion’s Head for a week and since it was right before x-mas and full on summer it would have been silly to have said no to this. Did some of the usual touristy stuff (Table Mountain, etc.) and celebrated my birthday there with all the boys (Graeme, Troydon, Marcus,…). What a blast!!

[Tour Flashback #2] New Zealand 2003


This is the second batch of my flashback posts when I was debuting in New Zealand in March 2003. I did a tour in the whole country (Auckland, New Plymouth & Queenstown) and managed to visited both islands a little too. The Mum’s The Word collective where hosting my trip and again I must say I had the best time ever plus a proper introduction to (still) one of my fav countries in the world to date. Two of the Mum’s guys are Reed & Radley and they had a fantastic deep house release on the infamous DIY Discs label (UK). When I was there I also discovered that Chris Reed was part of a cult classic project called Neuro with the track ‘Mama’ released back in 1992 on 3 Beat Music and a year later licensed by the Belgian R&S records. Small world innit. Another shout goes out to George for accompanying me everywhere! More pics in a week.

[Tour Flashback #1] Seattle 2003


As it is my Porcelain anniversary this year and I have tons of photo memories on my harddrive sitting around, I decided to post up pics of places all over the world I’ve visited in the last 20 years. 

In this first batch I’ve got a 2 day weekend in Seattle (USA) where I played on Saturday at the legendary Baltic Room if I recall correctly (someone correct me if I am wrong) and on Sunday at Rebar. My Seattle debut weekend. The funny story behind that first pic with the Lawnchair Generals is that it’s more or less the same as their first press-shot, taken at the same location but with me in the middle. We thought it was funny to do that at that time. I also met mister Pezzner (last picture) for the first time who’s name is no stranger for many of you today! More photos next week.