[Tour Flashback #3] Capetown 2001


Oh my… so many fond memories of this maiden trip to South Africa 10 years ago. I was playing a big Smirnoff event at the Good Hope Centre in Capetown. While in the mainroom Derrick Carter and Deep Dish were headlining, my-swirly-self teamed up in the second room with the Inland Knights from Drop Music. Before this trip I never met these two funny guys from Nottingham so imagine how stoked I was already bumping into them right before our flight at the London Heathrow airport. We were offered to stay at this really beautiful villa (totally Miami Vice style) near the Lion’s Head for a week and since it was right before x-mas and full on summer it would have been silly to have said no to this. Did some of the usual touristy stuff (Table Mountain, etc.) and celebrated my birthday there with all the boys (Graeme, Troydon, Marcus,…). What a blast!!


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