New Mix: Masterklass #13


Proud to present you this special mix I’ve made for Red Bull Elektropedia! I’m digging deep into my record collection to bring you an hour of ‘Nu House’ which was basically the main sound of the beginning days of my residency at Food Club in the period between 1996-2000.

Here’s the RBE write up:

Red Bull Elektropedia Masterklass is not just another random mixtape series. Every episode tells the story of a love affair between a DJ and a certain genre, era, label or any kind of subject matter interesting enough to be turned into a proper mixtape. We select the DJs and musicians based on their knowledge of (and enthusiasm for) music – giving them absolute freedom to show off their insights. Subscribe yourself to our Masterklasses today and get a PhD in music sciences tomorrow.

Raoul Belmans equals house. The former Food resident, Swirl People member and Aroma Records head honcho can look back at a rich career possessing a love of all things funky. For Elektropedia he decided to record a vinyl only retrospective to Nu House. When during the 2nd half of the nineties UK press started to label the upfront UK house productions as NU House, Raoul’s attention was all there. Unlike today’s sub genres the Nu House wasn’t really musically outlined. Anything from disco to house, spacy to tracky, re-edit to original would be part of the movement featuring internationally acclaimed members such as Idjut Boys, Harvey, Luke Solomon, Kenny Hawkes, Rob Mello, A Man Called Adam, DIY, Crispin J Glover, Ashley Beedle, Maurice Fulton, Bugz in the Attic, Restless Soul, … It was in the Nu House sound that Raoul and the other Food residents found their inspiration. A sound and vibe that Raoul with great pleasure shares with you in his Masterklass.