Krankenhaus Open Air x Villa Pace, Romain De Vidtspark Stadspark, Sint-Niklaas • Sat. Sept. 25th


Free daytime events rock! Krankenhaus is one of those intimate parties that bring a fresh wind into the chaos of mediocre & commercial summer festivals. In conjunction with Villa Pace festival you can come Saturday Sept. 5th to the Romain Vidtspark Stadspark in Sint-Niklaas with Kiani & His Legion, Stavroz, Gullfisk, Gilles and myself guiding the musical vibes. At night you don’t want to miss the afterparty with Kong, Jensen, Karawane & Kinski and Vagebond. Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

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#TPIA, Café D’Anvers, Antwerpen • Saturday August 22nd


Café D’Anvers is #TPIA (turning people into animals) since 1989. I remember when I first walked into that venue in 1993 listening to resident DJ Koenie. I would be lying if that first night in CDA in Antwerpen didn’t turn my house bugs in overdrive. I will never forget this. Many moons later, the venue is still around with still those particular dancing-molecules hanging around in the air. This month on Saturday August 22nd I’ll be housing it up in 6th gear together with Chantal and good old Smos!

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