‘Raoul Belmans, le “parrain” de la house belge!’ (LouLou Players July ’10)
‘Belgium’s premier househead’ (Red Bull Elektropedia May ’11)

Take a love for electric boogie music, an appreciation for black culture, an admiration for snares, palpitating bass lines and seducing vocals and what do you get? A consummate dish of tantalizing house music, Belgian-style, served delightfully by Raoul Belmans.
He has emerged as a prominent, international house music figure, with a DJ career spanning beyond a decade taking him on tour worldwide. Possessing a love of all things funky, Raoul’s passion for music amalgamated with a drive to succeed, has resulted in him becoming a pivotal force in the house music industry. Raoul is also known as being a part of Swirl People, as the driving force behind the successful Aroma Recordings, lately also Swirled Music and as the host of the house segment of the Switch radio show on Belgium’s Studio Brussel (2004-2009).

  • Bookings: fred@deep-art.net

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