10 Years Play’house, Forty Five, Hasselt • Saturday May 2th


10 year anniversaries are always special so I’m stoked to be apart of this milestone! I’ve been playing almost on a yearly bases for the Play’house nights – run by Chicago Habit – and been enjoying them every year more and more. For this occasion they’ve invited a big guy who’s been around the block for ages: DJ Sneak. It’s probably going to be a sold out even so if you haven’t scored a ticket yet: HURRY UP already!

Last tickets here!

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Record & CD Fair Hasselt (BE) Nov. 18th


Sunday November 18th I’ll be selling some records (vinyl) – mainly doubles – that I have in my collection as well as stuff that I won’t play anymore ranging from 1990 until 2005. Be sure to come and check out this unique record & CD fair in Hasselt (Belgium) because most sellers are straight up musical fans, DJ’s, musicians, agents, radio programmers and music journalists. Genres go from rock to techno, funk, soul, hiphop, house, disco, d&b…

Here are a few of the guys that are selling their personal collection: 

LUC & EPPO JANSSEN (Pukkelpop – Stubru – Radio1)

BEN VAN ALBOOM (Focus Knack – Red Bull Elektropedia – Switch)
KIM MATHIJS (Ed & Kim – the Whatevers – Switch)
DJ TONIC (The Subs)
DJ RIOT (RaveOurSouls)
RAOUL BELMANS (Swirl People – Aroma Records)
DAVE SCHROYEN (Millionaire – Evil Superstars – the Sha-la-lee’s)
STANNY FRANSSEN aka G-FORCE (I love techno)
KRISTOF CLAES (Goldfox – RaveOurSouls)
CORRID’OR (Walk the Night) & LOUD-E (Discoïne Records)
TOMAZ (Silo – Switch)
CHRISTOPHE VAES (El Guapo Stuntteam – The Sha-la-lee’s)
N-FLOW (Oldskool – Ruffskool)
KLAAS BEHEYDT (Dj Class – Stubru)
SAM OSTYN (Fuse – Minimixima)
SIKEY (Stubru – Select)
PICK-UP RECORDS (Heusden – Zolder)
JAY LEE (Fake That)

Part of the profit of this afternoon goes to www.bone4kids.be !

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