*Press* Give Me 5 by @DeejayKwak (Focus Le Vif)


Deejay Kwak wrote a few nice words on my latest release ‘Just A Little’ (the Uphigh Remix) (in french) for the magazine Focus Le Vif. He regullary does a selection of 5 records there and this time he spotlighted 5 tracks by 5 Belgian artists. See & hear his wonderful selection right here


Lefto + 22tracks.com

So the Uphigh Remix of my newest release ‘Just A Little’ is getting some love from Worldwide Family DJ Lefto on his show on Studio Brussel. Make sure you sign up to his Mixcloud account if you are not able to listen to Studio Brussel via FM. He posts up his mixes every week the day after his live show and believe me, they have a magnificant selection!

22tracks.com is worth a visit for sure if you haven’t heard from this site yet. 4 cities (Amsterdam, Brussels, London & Paris) have selected their top jocks who bring you 22 tracks (full versions) in their preferred genre for you to listen to (streaming). This week the Uphigh Remix of ‘Just A Little’ is featured in the Brussels ‘future beats’ selection by On-Point & Onda Sonora


Exclusive Pre-release ‘Just A Little’ (incl. Uphigh Remix) on Bandcamp


I am now also on Bandcamp! To celebrate this I have the pre-release of ‘Just A Little’ that includes that yummy Uphigh Remix for sale as of now! From today all my new releases will be available here too since it’s super easy to buy my music on Bandcamp. The brilliant part of this system is that it lets you choose what file format you would like the release in:

  • mp3 320kbps
  • FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec, same as a .wav but less memory)
  • mp3 VBR High
  • mp3 VBR Low
  • AAC High (iTunes/Mac’s popular answer to the mp3)
  • AAC Low (iTunes/Mac’s popular answer to the mp3)
  • Ogg Vorbis (nerd shit)
  • ALAC (more nerd shit)
So there you have it: here is my raoulbelmans.bandcamp.com url or use the player below! 

New Swirled Music: Deviate!

It was time to start doing some Deviate re-issues after we had many requests about this. So we continue the ‘Remastered Bits’ serie with a wonderful release that was available on vinyl on the Nottingham label Mobile Trax including the original version and a Swirl People remix of ‘Groovin’ All Night’. For those who didn’t knew this yet: Deviate is the solo project of Swirl People racketeer Dimitri Dewever. The 3rd cut ‘Funkaziler’ was released on the San Diego deep house imprint Lowndown back in the golden years of this label. All these goodies are back available for you, remastered in a 2011 standard quality! 


Available as from today on all good online record-shops!

Beatport link

Traxsource link

Junodownload link

Stompy link


Great Review on Popperola

Review: Raoul Belmans – “Porcelain EP #1″ – Swirled Music

Anniversaries are just great! Well, it has always been a marvellous reason to set up a good party and don’t we all love a good party? I guess Belgian Raoul Belmans thinks quite the same and mind you, he really does have a noteworthy ground to celebrate this year. Since in 2011, it is the twentieth anniversary of his dj career.

Belmans has been a flag-bearer of Belgium’s house scene for quite some time, most notably as a resident of Food – together with Geoffroy Mugwump. He has played and still plays all over the globe, thanks to being such a loveable guy and of course thanks to his superb mixing skills. Furthermore, he managed the first-rate house label Aroma – until it ceased to exist some time ago.

Production-wise, he’s known for being part of the duos Swirl People and Cosy Creatures, together with Dimitri Dewever. But as his releases on for instance We Play House have proven, he’s a skilled solo artist as well.

On the occasion of this twentieth anniversary, Belmans will release four digital EPs which will go under the name of “Porcelain”. This precious material is, as all you culturally educated people know, the symbol of remembering a twenty-year-old event. Moreover, Belmans will do a small tour in his native country (confirmed dates this far are April 16th: Decadance, Ghent; April 22nd: Silo, Leuven; April 30th: Krush, Ostend; May 28th: H20, Pecq; July 16th: Amsterdam) that will be followed by some gigs in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

This “Porcelain EP #1″ consists of two tracks that give witness to a certain shift in style compared to previous material of for instance Swirl People. Firstly, they come across as being less sleek, less polished and secondly they overtly refer to 1990s deep house – two characteristics I can only applaud. A beautiful builder is “Didadum” with its subtle conga’s and percussion and catchy melody line. Play it at -4 and it’s suitable for a warm, sexy, laid back set. Play it at +4 and you’ll have the dance floor burning.

“Bodacious!” comes in a Cosy Creatures remix and the track is filled with features that are so typical for Belmans’ and Dewever’s production outfit. The beat is rather simple and steady-going but  those synth lines are so damn smart, effective and actually funny too. Really, it makes one dance with a preposterous smile on the face which is actually cute. And the break is one of the most pleasant I’ve heard in months.

This little digital package is a very nice treat that sets the standard for the coming “Porcelain” releases. Lastly, I have to say most sincerely “congratulations” and “thanks” for that splendid  career; I’ll add those festivities to my agenda!

Raoul Belmans – “Porcelain EP #1” is out today

Track list:
1. Bodacious! (Cosy Creatures Remix)
2. Didadum

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