RAOULween Going ‘Zombie’ in Chicago Friday Oct. 28th


Hahaaa, isn’t this the funniest thing you have ever seen? From left to right: Gene Farris, myself & Diz as zombies! This is the event flyer for the gig I am spinning Friday October 28th in Chicago. The event location is not announced yet so keep an eye on the 

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more dates of this US leg: click Porcelain Tour (powered by APT Entertainment)



Austin, TX Porcelain Tour Date Announced


Having played already at 37 cities across the US ocassionally I get the honour to still add a ‘debut gig’ to that halucinating list. Austin in Texas never crossed my path buth on Sunday Oct. 30th it will. Catch me on my Porcelain Tour at Lanai. I do know a few Austin-peepz already from several WMC-encounters so it will be great to see you all back! Opening set by Mexican From Mars.

facebook event page

[Tour Flashback #1] Seattle 2003


As it is my Porcelain anniversary this year and I have tons of photo memories on my harddrive sitting around, I decided to post up pics of places all over the world I’ve visited in the last 20 years. 

In this first batch I’ve got a 2 day weekend in Seattle (USA) where I played on Saturday at the legendary Baltic Room if I recall correctly (someone correct me if I am wrong) and on Sunday at Rebar. My Seattle debut weekend. The funny story behind that first pic with the Lawnchair Generals is that it’s more or less the same as their first press-shot, taken at the same location but with me in the middle. We thought it was funny to do that at that time. I also met mister Pezzner (last picture) for the first time who’s name is no stranger for many of you today! More photos next week.

To Those Interested Living in NYC… #LoveArt


This is slighty off the path what I usually post up here but I thought it would be interesting for some people living or visiting NYC before July 16th to visit my friend from my hometown Leuven Dirk Janssens his first overseas gallery exposition of his Made In Wonderland collection. Definitely worth a visit at Art gallery CATM Chelsea in Chelsea, New York (500 W22nd ST, NYC). Big up Dirk!!